Guardians Against Abuse

Guardians Against Abuse is a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization. Our mission and focus is very simple and direct: do what we can legally to help people no longer be a victim of domestic violence and stand behind them as they find a new safe life.

About us

Currently located on the Gulf Coast of lower Alabama, Guardians Against Abuse (GAA) works to raise money and support local abuse shelters. We are created and supported by an amazing group of people who all believe in the cause first. Our primary focus at the moment is supporting the Lighthouse and proud to have their endorsement.


What our mission entails

    Fund raisers for the local safe house organizations
  • Raise awareness for the local safe house organizations
  • Support legal extractions
  • Escort the victims to and from the courtroom
  • Sit in the galley behind victims during court
  • Protection details on the lawn of the victims
  • Whatever it takes to legally help them be safe, secure and start their new lives.

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